YellowTree Website. Enhancing Brand Image with a New Website Look

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The construction industry has continued to flourish in Cambodia. As such, companies who have been in the industry long enough are starting to reap the rewards of their patience. Furthermore, companies specializing in architecture and interior design are also benefiting from the boom in the industry.

Established in 2002, YellowTree Interior is well-known as one of the veterans of interior design in Cambodia. Working with commercial and industrial properties, the company has an extensive list of international brands in their client list. Hence, the company seeks to improve its digital presence by revamping its outdated website.

Our Approach

YellowTree Interior’s former website was outdated and overly simplistic. We decided that a completely new revamp of the website was in order.

Known for its easy-to-use interface, the range of design options and elegant appearance, Squarespace is a great option for stunning informational websites. We also take in mind that after the completion of the website, the client will take over content changes and editing. Squarespace offers the flexibility for the client to make such changes when required.

The website is intended as an informational piece, describing their brand identity, culture, as well as showcasing their previous work.

The Results

This before and after comparison clearly highlights the incredible difference between the original design (left) and the new design (right). 

You can see the full landing page redesign.

And here is a video to further explore the website.


YellowTree Interior now has a gorgeous website that reflects their brand identity, fit for a brand who has a long and successful history with international clients.

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