Star Casino Branding. (Beautiful) Consistency Across a Global Brand

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Star Casinos International, a new chain of casinos with 11 planned locations across the globe, chose Mäd to deliver a fresh brand that speaks to people, wherether they live. Mäd had previously worked on another gambling related startup by the same investment group, and they decided to use us again for this new project.

The Challenge

The difficult part of building any brand is that there are sometimes multiple addressable target markets, often within a single larger market. Sometimes, this is made even more difficult by a wide dispersion of geographical locations, as was the case with Star Casinos.

With planned locations in the Seychelles, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa, Star Casinos was a particularly difficult challenge, that had to be approached with attention to local customs, and an understanding of the type of consumer that the client was looking to attract across the globe.

Our Approach

Our first task at hand was to ensure we had a clear idea of the core brand values, and the key value proposition that the casino wanted to offer its client base.

As this was a completely new brand identity, we were also tasked to create the naming structure as well as the visual identity.

A detailed research study of all the proposed locations across the globe was undertaken, to ensure that the naming convention would be both meaningful and easy to pronounce for all visitors to the casino.


The Results

A beautiful high-end brand that is positioned for global success in a highly competitive market.


Mäd delivered a full suite of application, stationary, a full corporate identity manual, as well as a secondary simplified manual for external use.

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