Samai Distillery Web Design.

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Mäd was commissioned by Samai Distillery, an up and coming rum distillery, to take their brand online. We fashioned a beautiful responsive website that has all the information required, in just one page.

The Challenge

The issue here was that this was a startup on a budget, and had already had a failed web project with an agency, and so they came to Mäd for high-quality results, without the massive price tag associated with agency work.

The additional difficulty was that they had invested very heavily in their brand identity, and so the website had to live up it, design-wise. Here is an example of some of their existing beautiful artwork.


Our Approach

Because matching the brand identity was so key, we iterated through several designs and worked closely with the stakeholders to take the elements they loved most from each design to make something that not only looked great but matched their vision.


The Results

The result is a beautiful responsive website that matches the existing brand like a glove and can be expanded as the startup grows into a fully fledged company.


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