Pi Pay Branch Design. Taking Digital Sophistication Into Physical Space

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As the transformation of the Cambodian economy continues, new mobile apps arrive regularly to augment the Cambodian lifestyle. However, not all apps are not made equal: some are an ecosystem in themselves, complex and vast in magnitude.

Case in point Pi Pay. As the mobile payment app rolls out all over Phnom Penh, physical branches are needed to support digital users. As well as handling the design and development of the app, we were also commissioned to design the interior of Pi Pay’s branches.


Being the first of its kind in Cambodia, Pi Pay leverages technology from a global standard and brings it to everyday Cambodians. Pi Pay differs from other payment platforms by being lifestyle focused but also leveraging the latest technologies in an easy to use manner.

To support their operations, they need a physical location that matches the personality of the brand. The Pi Pay Service Branch needs to have the same character as the app: lifestyle focused, vibrant, playful and user-friendly. Thus, Pi Pay commissioned Mäd to design their first branch.

The Challenge

With the app launching in 2017, we had to work with tight deadlines, as well as a large scope which required constant client feedback. We also had to face challenges such as limited space, costs and availability of materials. Additionally, the client wanted flexible space, easily remodelled in the future.

The Pi Pay app is a masterclass in design and functionality. It is thus our role to transform the brand’s digital sophistication into the physical space.

Our Approach

Initial Designs

We began the conceptual design by providing mood boards, which gives the client the look and feel of the finished design. Our initial mood board includes classy, modern and warm ambience. We also offered the client a futuristic mood board concept to reflect their position as a technologically driven company.

Following our mood board, we provided the client with designs and rendering for a futuristic ambience.

Finally, we designed the interior with a classy and modern concept in mind. In comparison, this allows for more spatial flexibility in the space and better reflects the lifestyle ethos of Pi Pay.

Interior Layout

The layout is divided into three main parts: guest area, customer service, and operations. The guest area consists of lounge, a waiting area, and cafè seating. We maximise space by placing light benches in the waiting area.

Despite the limited space, we are able to fit the waiting area, customer service, and operations into the layout. In the process, we maximised the space available which allows for free-flowing foot traffic and interaction.

Materials and Furnishing

We used materials which are readily available from local suppliers and contractors. This ensured that our suppliers can deliver items in a timely manner while saving us time and the costs of delivery.

The materials we used include:

  • Gypsum partitions which give us the flexibility when the client decides to modify the space.
  • Glass partitions that complement the Pi Pay colours in the customer waiting area. They also serve as dividers between the waiting area and operations.
  • LED lighting which ensures that the interior is well lit and friendly.
  • Dark grey tiles to maintain a neutral colour and bring out the vibrant pink of Pi Pay.
  • Light furniture, which is easily moveable, as well as maximising space and flexibility.


The Results

In conclusion, we succeeded in bringing the state of the art feel of the Pi Pay app into the Pi Pay branch. Following strict guidelines, limited materials, space and time, we managed to deliver the design in a timely manner and of the highest quality.

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