Mercedes-Benz Cambodia Open House.

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“Why now? Why not wait another five to 10 years? …When the opportunity is there you have to grab it. If I said “no” now, then five years from now they will select someone else.” – James Zemke, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz

It goes without saying that behind every awesome brand is the work of an awesome agency. Mercedes-Benz aims to be the leader in luxury vehicles and to seize the market as the upper middle class in Cambodia continues to blossom.

The automotive industry in Cambodia is steadily growing and presents long-term benefits for manufacturers. The phenomenon is recent, as the industry is growing 8% per year on average.

The newly constructed Mercedes-Benz Phnom Penh Autohaus is a strong statement of the brand’s long-term strategy in Cambodia. Its state of the art showroom is the largest in the country, as well as being the most environmentally friendly. The showroom is accompanied by an internationally trained workshop team backed with ultra-modern service and repair equipment.

However, there is a considerable gap between the public awareness and the brand’s ambition to become the top luxury vehicle in Cambodia.

The Challenge

Faced with fierce competition from other luxury automotive brands, along with declining sales industry-wide, Mercedes-Benz raised a very high bar. The brand aims to increase the sales of their automobiles fivefold compared to previous years.

The Open House Days present fresh challenges, as:

  • The dealership location is isolated outside of Phnom Penh Metropolitan;
  • The general lack of awareness from the public;
  • Customers still prefer buying cheaper but unsafe gray market cars outside of dealerships;
  • Customers are reluctant to test drive vehicles, which is crucial for boosting the likelihood of a sale.

Mäd had three weeks to organize a successful event. The objective of the event is to raise brand awareness for Mercedes-Benz and to collect leads for future sales.

Our Approach

As the clients’ priority is to generate maximum brand awareness across a wide range of middle-class audience, the event is considered as part of its long-term strategy to brand preference.

It was crucial to emphasize the unique selling points offered by Mercedes-Benz’s new showroom, including having a state of the art of showroom, an internationally trained team for their workshop, while also being environmentally friendly. Mäd’s approach ensures that during the visit, attendees will have sound knowledge of the brand and facilities.

We provided a complete, integrated approach, which encompasses event management, production, social media content and photography/videography, weaving Mercedes-Benz’s key selling points in all avenues. Mäd works closely with the client to deliver a successful open house event. Here’s how we did it:

Generating Awareness

In order to generate the maximum impact for awareness of the event, Mäd covered all channels utilized social media, letters of invitation, invitation emails and radio advertising.

Social Media

The use of social media played a primary role in generating awareness of the event and selecting the correct audience. Mäd posted for two weeks leading to the event, varying the content from the showroom facilities, vehicles, merchandise, incentives, information and brand cues.

The Facebook content complements the brand’s objectives and key selling points. Mäd included photography and videography to support the social media content. Mad commissioned popular celebrities, Hang Soriyan (@soriyanhang_official) and Joseph Vann (@joseph_vann), given their popular following.


The secret of a successful social media campaign not only depends on hitting the key audience and maximizing reach but also on the narrative and flow of the content. In order to achieve this, we varied the types of media used, while maintaining a consistent tone with Mercedes-Benz’s concise and elegant ethos.

During the course of two weeks, Mäd utilized the following media format in Facebook posts:

  • High-quality images
  • Interactive videos
  • 360° image
  • Livestream videos

Mad tested and found the most suitable audience on Facebook through Facebook marketing tools. All posts were scheduled and promoted accordingly. Consistent with the brand’s objective to raise awareness of its facilities and service, as well as increasing sales, Mäd tailored the social media content to complement Mercedes-Benz’s goals.

For example, to promote the showroom and the workshop, Mäd recorded a walkthrough video of the sales director and the workshop manager. The style follows a friendly but professional walkthrough. The speakers demonstrate the facilities as they would talk to a customer.

Traditionally, Cambodian customers are reluctant to test drive vehicles in dealerships. Mäd recorded two test drive videos of Hang Soriyan and Joseph Vann. In the video, the celebrities voiced their impression of their ride while also informing the audience of the event. The video gained over 24,000 views.

The campaign reached 110,000 Facebook users and delivered 98,300 post engagement. During this time, Mercedes-Benz gained over 7,300 followers. Here are some of our Facebook posts are below:


Furthermore, Mäd created the Mercedes-Benz Instagram exclusively for the event (@mercedesbenz_kh). The layout of the Instagram page is designed to be logical, sophisticated and elegant. Each row follows a separate theme in order to maximize aesthetics, readability, and coherence.

Letter of Invitation

Consistent with Mercedes-Benz’s minimalist style, Mäd designed an elegant, simple and stunning letter of invitation. The team also managed to customize each invitee’s contact information on each envelope prior delivery. Over 400 letters of invitation were delivered to selected guests and acquaintances.

Email Invitation

More than 250 emails were sent to exclusive guests through Mailchimp, using Save the Date theme similar to the letter of invitation. Consequently, the email received a healthy open rate of 40%.

Event Management

Mäd ensured that every single detail during the event was covered, making sure that the event went smoothly and without a hitch. Mäd managed the Brand Ambassadors (BAs), event schedule, the tour of facilities and drivers to the event.

Event Production

Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its elegant, simple and sophisticated designs. Likewise, Mäd’s design of the event materials adheres to Mercedes-Benz’s strict brand guidelines, while completing all materials to the highest design quality. Mäd’s scope of work covers large production materials to the smallest detail.

As a result, event materials go beyond its decorative purposes to becoming essential parts of the event operations seamlessly, contributing to the visitor’s overall experience.

Brand Ambassadors (BAs)

Serving more than mere aesthetics, brand ambassadors (BAs)  play an integral role in supporting event operations, as they guide the visitors through each stage of the showroom and delivering an overall positive visitor experience.

Mäd was responsible for managing BAs and clarifying their role and responsibilities during the event. BAs roles included welcoming visitors, guiding them through each stage of the showroom, and above all, engaging the visitors. Moreover, Mäd was also responsible for selecting and procuring the dress suitable for the event.


An Open House event is never complete without food and drinks for the guests. The selection of finger food, snacks, and drinks guarantee that visitors are satisfied while remaining mobile in the showroom. We worked closely with the caterers to make sure that visitors are replenished with food and drinks.

Children’s Activities

Given that the Open House has families in mind, Mäd served up something special for the children. Bouncy castles and carers are set up in the transition bay of the showroom, to the delight of the little ones.

In Event Photography / Videography

Some of our photography during the event are showcased below:

In addition, Mäd commissioned i-Qlick Cambodia to take keepsake instant photos of visitors in the event.

The Results

The event was a tremendous success, exceeding the client’s expectations. The Open House event hosted over 160 happy visitors.

More importantly, 53 visitors participated in test drives, thus reinforcing support for future sales and generating new leads.

The success of the event provides a springboard for Mercedes-Benz Phnom Penh Autohaus to become the most prominent showroom in Cambodia, as well as the repair and service destination for luxury vehicles in Phnom Penh. As the market blossoms in Cambodia, Mäd carried Mercedes-Benz closer to its ambition to be the top luxury vehicle brand in the country.

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