Maio Mall Branding.

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Mäd was commissioned by Maio Mall, the largest shopping site in Cambodia, to create their new brand. The main challenge in this project was the tight deadline, as the entire project needed to be wrapped up in less than three weeks. Mäd exceeded this expectation by delivering the project within two working weeks. As there were multiple stakeholders involved, we decided upon a highly iterative approach to the design process, to give everyone involved the possibility of having their ideas sketched out into a design.

The Challenge

There was an extremely strict and hard deadline of just over two weeks for this project as the business was already gearing up to launch, having hired dozens of employees in the previous months. A large marketing campaign was in the plans, and so there was a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time!

Our Approach



The Results

The final result is a friendly and professional brand that is instantly recognisable, and that works across multiple business sectors and has helped Maio Mall becoming the leading eCommerce website in the country.

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