Chip Mong Land Web Design.

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Chip Mong Land are one of the largest property developers in Cambodia.

This design project was actually a speculative concept design, during the proposal/bidding stage of the sales process.

The Challenge

Because this was a speculative proposal, we didn’t have the chance to take a brief for this project, and so Mäd had to come up with not only the design but also the strategy and ideas behind what was going to be placed on the home page.

We believe that the best results are achieved when a client and a designer work together in close collaboration with a tight feedback loop. Iteration is an important part of any design process.

Our Approach

Because we wouldn’t be able to gain any feedback from the client team for this project before presenting my result to the stakeholders, we decided that I would still go for an iterative process and that we would be our own judge, and give ourselves feedback as if we were the client.

This mean that we had to really place ourselves in the shoes of an owner of a large property development firm, and ask ourselves what we would to present to our website visitors.

This process created some of our very best web design work ever, designing multiple beautiful variations.



The Results



As you can see, the final result above is a beautiful, world-class standard website. It is worth highlighting that all these designs were created with no interaction from the client, they simply gave us their logo and provided the images of their various property developments, and we extrapolated the rest from my understanding of their target market and the possibilities afforded by their brand.

We really like the idea that individuals or business that have too much on their plate to worry about can simply hand Mäd their logo and a few business objectives, and they can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality  work, without the hassle of constantly needing to follow the project.

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