CC Double O Launch Event. Star Power and Social Media

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A few aspects have made Cambodia into highly fertile ground for launching new brands and ideas:

  • Being one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia and within Indochina (source)
  • A homecoming by many Cambodians who have lived abroad and now wanting to rediscover their roots, bringing with them an openness to foreign ideas and concepts
  • A generally youthful population where 68% are below 30 years old (source)
  • The meteoric rise of social media (source)

By taking all of these into consideration, Mäd won the event pitch against other Thai agencies bidding for the event. We developed a winning launch event strategy that would help the Jaspal Group introduce CC Double O into the minds and hearts of young, urban Cambodians. The recent explosion of malls, pioneered by Aeon Mall in 2014, also proved to be a key part of the entire equation.

Despite having macroeconomic factors lined up in our favor, there was one major on-ground challenge that needed to be addressed: how to get the target audience and general population aware and excited about the launch event. 



In order to gain (relative) critical mass within a short span of time, the campaign needed 2 key elements. Star Power and today’s weapon of choice, social media.

Star Power

Time and time again, in any market, star power will always be the default crowd-drawer. While Cambodia loves its longstanding mainstream celebrities and performers, we needed to be extra selective with the personalities that will be the ‘faces’ of the event. It was crucial that they personified what CC Double O stood for: Freedom. Confidence. Energy. Adventure. Youth. Romance. Friendship.

Enter micro-influencers. Quoting Gil Eyal’s (founder of HYPR) Forbes article, as opposed to personalities who have followers on social media in the millions (now called ‘macro-influencers’), micro-influencers have a range of followers between 10,000 to 100,000. It is believed that this smaller legion is more interested, engaged and connected versus the followers of their macro counterparts. And yes, they’re more cost-effective too.

In the Cambodian context, however, the average following for micro-influencers is below 10,000.

We curated 9 micro-influencers based in Cambodia within the circles of fashion, modeling, music, and other lifestyle-oriented areas:

Top row, L-R: Anthonie N., Cambodian, Model and Actor | Joseph Vann, Cambodian, Model | Eli Yeung, Singaporean, Photographer, Lifestyle Blogger and Stylist  |  Felix Morel, Korean, Model and Actor

Bottom row. L-R: Kongka Chan, Cambodian, 2016 Winner of Cambodia’s Next Top Model  |  Avida Jojo Garl, Cambodian, Model and DJ | Sonin KC, Cambodian, Model and Influencer | Soriyan Hang, Cambodian, Model and Influencer |  Vothana Preyprey, Cambodian, runner-up in Cambodia’s Next Top Model



Social Media 

With the rest of the world is now enjoying a wide variety of other platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, Cambodia is still very much Facebook country with 4.8 Million users, followed by Instagram at a very distant second with 111,000 daily active users. (Source)

In the hands of our chosen micro-influencers, we had a winning combination to quickly – and convincingly – create intrigue, excitement, and anticipation for the launch of CC Double O.

How exactly did we do that?

While the requirement was specific for a one-day event, we looked at it as a comprehensive event campaign with 3 stages: Pre-Event, Launch (or Event Proper) and Post-Event.



Pre-Event Stage (Love Me aka Excitement and Awareness)

From our own limited on-ground research, very few people knew about CC Double O. By using these micro-influencers as ‘mouthpieces’ of the brand, we developed a content framework they can use to post on their own platforms, broadcasting it with their ‘own voice and flair’ to their own respective follower base.

Part of the content framework was creating the #CCDoubleOCambodia hashtag and incorporating a simple promotion (free CC Double O shirt with a minimum purchase) at the newly-opened store in Aeon Mall.

Hashtags, keywords, simple promo mechanics and a very stylish ‘look at me’ approach to the visuals.



A few days before the event, the Client also released their own star-fueled invitation on Facebook to meet one of the hottest female Thai-German performers, Jannine Weigle, during the festivities. Jannine was the only macro-influencer of the group, with a 3.1M following on her official Facebook page.



Event Proper (See Me aka Engagement and Experience)

By this time, a few things have been set in motion by design:

  1. Shoppers in Aeon have seen and probably visited the newly-opened store from a week ago.
  2. Micro-influencers have created awareness and desirability among their following for CC Double O by showing off the ‘badge’ of the limited edition shirts.
  3. Fans of Jannine Weigle in Cambodia are now stoked at the chance to meet their idol in person!

On top of these, we recommended a peak time slot in mall hours: 6 PM on a Saturday to ensure that a crowd will be right outside the store, either eager for or curious about the festivities that are about to unfold.

We also maximized the pull of the micro-influencers by using some of them as runway models and one of them as the DJ for the evening.

To keep fanning the flames of excitement, our micro-influencers still had a content framework to follow for the day, posting updates from behind the scenes as well as some highlights of the main event.

Getting primped and prepped for the big show!



Other Components

  1. Supplementary Media (Traditional and Online)

While our influencers created that pull, engagement, and anticipation within their following who are highly likely to be CC Double O’s target audience, we also wanted to ensure that the event becomes newsworthy and reaches well beyond the target age group. We invited 19 media outlets to extend the reach of the event to a much wider audience. These outlets were comprised of the following:

  • 6 TV stations: CTN, CNC, TV3, Hang Meas TV, Bayon TV, SEA TV
  • 8 online newspapers: Fresh News, Thmey Thmey, KhmerNote, KhmerLoad, MPMAG, Kampuchea Thmey, Sabay News, Everyday, Khmer Times
  • 3 printed and online newspapers: Phnom Penh Post, Angkor Thom
  • 2 printed weeklies: Koh Santepheap, Rasmei Kampuchea











2. In-store fashion show 

We made use of the existing floor plan and space inside the shop itself to be the catwalk for the show, extending out into the shop front.


Each model strutted in 3 sets of outfits from CC Double O’s 2017 Fall-Winter collection.





3. Program

Kongka Chan, the winner of Cambodia’s Next Top Model 2016, one of our influencers, was also tasked to be the Cambodian host of the show, interacting with Jannine and the esteemed representatives of The Jaspal Group, the mother company of CC Double O.



4. Activities

Other supplementary activities include a  selfie booth and press interviews with Jannine and the Jaspal Group.


















Here’s a video of the event highlights:


Post Event Stage (Re-live Me aka Amplification)

Riding the high of the one-day Launch event, our micro-influencers kept to the agreed content structure, posting event highlights within 24 hours of the launch.


Footage and releases from our traditional and online media partners were aired and published within a day to 9 days post Launch.

Screen captures of online releases.

Full versions available here: Phnom Penh Post, Angkor Thom, Fresh News, Thmey Thmey, Khmer Note, Khmer Load, MPMAG, Kampuchea Thmey.


Video coverage can be found in these links: CTN, CNC, TV3, Hang Meas and SEA-TV.




A robust crowd turnout that was a combination of eager fans and curious onlookers who wanted to see what the fuss was about.

The real indicator of success, however, was in the numbers from social media and our traditional media partners.


Social Media

Based on the content structure provided to the micro-influencers for the duration of the campaign, their Facebook posts garnered a total of 6,730 likes in the span of 2 weeks, averaging 748 likes per influencer. Instagram yielded a total of  4,657 likes, averaging 517 likes per influencer.












It would be worth noting that the engagement generated by the micro-influencers have created awareness and interest for CC Double O and led people to check out the brand’s page on Facebook as well.

After the event, we effected almost a 620% increase in organic likes and a 92% Engagement Rate within 3 weeks!


Traditional Media

With a total media spend for all TV and written publications of just below $1,500, the value of all TV pickups generated was already $7,020.00 – an ROI of 386%. 

While it is more challenging to determine the monetary value of the printed publications, from the data available on the online versions, we have reached just shy of 4,000 likes for all the online publications’ coverage.




While social media has become an obvious and default solution for many campaigns, the key difference is how it is used. For CC Double O’s case, a curated and ‘switched-on’ set of personalities who had a tighter, more engaged following allowed the brand to quickly reach an already-receptive core target audience in a short amount of time.

And despite the exponential growth of social media use, traditional media, TV especially, still play a role in Cambodia by reaching a wider audience beyond the core target age group and target geography. By simply airing the event footage on the primetime news, it creates legitimacy for the brand by making it newsworthy.


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