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CamHomes social media project brings together our expertise in content writing, knowledge of social media backend, and understanding the audience’s intrinsic motivations. 


Cambodia is fast becoming a hotbed for real estate. With a steady growth of 5-6% per annum, the trend is set to continue in the near future, which encourages local and international buyers to invest.

CamHomes is a subsidiary of HLH Group Singapore, one of the most reputable property developers in Singapore. They work closely with the Cambodian government to construct mid-level housing for Cambodian families looking for a second home.

Their first project, D’Seaview, is located in the flourishing Sihanoukville. The city is fast becoming the region’s economic hub and is quickly attracting foreign investors who seek fast returns of investment.

The Challenge

After an aggressive marketing campaign in Cambodia, the domestic market was quickly saturated. Thus, it was imperative that CamHomes look externally to find new buyers.

Our challenge was to utilize the appropriate tools to educate these markets on the prospects of investing in Cambodia, and ultimately, to collect qualified sales leads. We had three months to collect 250 qualified leads from Singapore and Malaysia.

Our Approach


Our process for pushing the right content involves research on key markets, targeting the right audience, drafting the right content, distributing and publishing social media ads and creating a landing page.

We also researched extensively on Sihanoukville, as it is becoming one of the region’s fastest growing hubs. Poised to become the next tourist destination and increased spending on infrastructure, the city will soon become a gold mine to real estate investors.

Content Creation

We split the each market into two distinct categories: Residential and Investors. We tailored the content appropriately and simultaneously ran ads both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Residential audience

Residential audience seeks to buy a vacation home for their families as well as investing in a property for their family. As such, we came with two main themes:

  • Your private seaside paradise
  • Indulge in the pinnacle of affordable luxury

We worked closely with the client to ensure that the content best fits the strategy and objective of the campaign. Some of the mockups of our residential content are included below:

Investor Audience

Investor audience is motivated by guaranteed returns and the opportunity to outperform other investors. We framed the motivations of investors into the following themes:

  • Realize your investment dreams today
  • Take your investment folio up another gear

Getting the Audience Right

The success of social media campaigns lies in hitting the right audience. A broad audience guarantees high coverage, but the content may completely miss the target. Inversely, narrow audiences may not gather enough reach and drastically increases the cost of the campaign.

With the aid of Facebook’s comprehensive database of its users, marketers are able to identify the right audience quicker than ever before. 

Following our research, we targeted the population based on the wealthier suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, interested in real estate investment and luxury properties. We also targeted audiences with similar interests in Singapore.

Let Facebook Give You Your (Qualified) Leads

Why? Because they can. It’s also very effective.

Using Facebook advertising, we distributed our advertising in one-month cycles, testing the variety of content and also the type of media used for each content. In the following example, we tested various images for the same content. 

The ads are published in all devices, from desktop to mobile. The published ads also appear on Instagram. Here are the published ads on various devices and platforms:

We also tested various content of the forms to optimize for leads. During the first month of the campaign, we tested three  variations of the content. Here are some samples of our Facebook forms:

The audience who clicked on the ad will be taken to an automatic lead gen form. The contact information are already pre-filled with their account information, which increases the likelihood of the audience submitting the form.

Once the form is completed, the audience will be taken to a custom landing page where they will learn more about their new property. 

Why a Landing Page?

Landing pages are a great way to direct your audience to relevant content and minimize distraction. They also flesh out ideas by creating a coherent flow and converting views into qualified sales leads.

We created two separate landing pages for our residential and investor audiences respectively.

Both landing pages follow a coherent narrative right from the heading, targeting their emotional cues, to showcasing media of the asset. We finally take them through the sales funnel by offering them the incentives.

Landing pages also present the opportunity for testing content. For example, we tested whether we should include video in one landing page and exclude them in another. The page with the embedded video attracted 40% more qualified leads.


During the course of the campaign, we constantly track the progress to make sure that each ad receives healthy click-through-rates (CTR) and conversion rates. We regularly monitor the frequency of leads and adjust each ad set accordingly.

For example, as the audience became saturated in our initial audience in Malaysia, we extended the radius of the audience another kilometer, thereby increasing the audience size by 20,000.

Ads with expensive CTR’s are immediately switched off once they cross our threshold.

We also optimized audiences over time. After the first month, we narrowed the age group from the minimum age of 30 years old to 35 years old. As a result, our conversion rate increased by 30% after we made this change.

The Results

In the course of three months, we collected 293 qualified leads, which beat our initial KPI by 30%.

Additionally, we collected valuable information about the audience’s behavior from the campaign. For example, we found keywords which performed well, which can be used for future copywriting. By testing various images, we found that the audience preferred beach images and high-quality images of the modern Phnom Penh.

These are the best performing ads from our campaign:

The client has procured future work from Mäd, as they seek to extend their campaigns outside of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The client has already procured further work from us, as we will organize the Khmer New Year Event for CamHomes in Sihanoukville. 

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