Corporate Social Responsibility Sometimes we volunteer our opinions too.

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At Mäd, we believe that it’s possible to run a profitable business while being a positive force for the community we live and work in.

To that end, we often take the time to step out of our client projects and help organisations that tackle important social issues, providing strategic and creative services.

Football for Life

At Mäd, many of us are crazy about football, and we also have Phnom Penh’s leading football club, Phnom Penh Crown, as a client.

So we jumped at the opportunity to help “Football for Life”, an NGO that helps underprivileged children in Cambodia discover the beautiful game.


Cambodia Arts Foundation

Another passion for many of us at Mäd is music. We’re lucky enough to work with two of the world’s top music instrument brands, Yamaha and Roland, and so it was natural that we would help Cambodia Arts Foundation, a newfound NGO, launch their website.




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