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Hello, we’re Mäd.

Crazy helps move the world forward. Nothing great seemed sane at their beginnings. Why would you build a flying machine, put a man on the moon, or cross the ocean? (Sensible people at the time thought you’d fall off the edge of the earth.)

We love high impact, high-quality work. But traditional approaches don’t let us pursue our ideas to the best of our abilities.

So we built a place where we could think differently.

We Make it Happen.™

unique approach to work that gets results.

We helped Pi Pay build a brand and mobile application that revolutionized the payments industry in a frontier economy, within the first 60 days processing $3.5m USD and ranking #7 on the App Store. 

We helped rebrand Votiva – the #1 Microsoft Dynamics Partner in SE Asia – into a global brand, directly translating to a 60% revenue increase in two years. Good design is good business.

We Work With The Best.

Our clients are our lifeline. We deeply respect and value long-term collaborative partnerships that create win-win-win scenarios.

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How We Do It.

We work as integrated cross-functional teams in our client’s business. Our team members are empowered with responsibility and liberal decision making, and given the best possible tools, support, and structure to ensure that they can make it happen.

Core Values.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, understanding their business goals and helping them to succeed through good design, strong strategic planning, and, of course, effective implementation.

We highly value transparency and simplicity in our internal processes to ensure that we keep our focus on consistently adding value to our clients.

Our Client Engagement Model.

Our experience has built an unusual model where only 3% of our costs are admin/back-office related, meaning our clients get the best possible value for their investment.

We Don’t Have a Sales Team.

No sales guys, no client service people, only passionate developers, designers, writers, brand specialists, and project managers. You always meet the people who are doing the actual work, no middle-men.

Every Business Has Secrets.

Here’s ours: we’ve published our Standard Operation Procedure so we’re 100% accountable, always. We also internally publish salaries and financials for a fully transparent agency. Crazy, right?

A Powerful International Team.


Our team is made up of strong purposeful experts in their own field. With team members and experience from all over the world, we’re exceptionally positioned to understand and work with global brands.


Emanuele Faja
Chief Executive Officer

Emanuele brings on board a passion for minimalist Italian design and a 21st-century management approach to ensure that all of Mäd’s endeavours are a success.

He thrives when working at the intersection of technology, design, and commerce. He has consistently helped clients create and maintain market leader position in diverse industries. Emanuele is a voracious reader and writer, knowledgeable in classic literature to current affairs.

Erika Valera

Already a hybrid communications professional before the term went mainstream, Erika brings an innate creative and unorthodox flair to all her roles: whether it was being a ‘suit’ for 14 years across global agency networks in the Philippines and Vietnam, or an erstwhile boutique network in Cambodia, to recruiting for agency leadership positions across APAC and Indochina.

Her combined background in marketing communications, recruitment, internal brand and People-oriented matters allows her to wear several hats, chief of which is finding ways to make things work more efficiently, effectively and aligned with the Mäd brand.

Kit Teguh

After spending more than half his life in Asia, having lived five years in Cambodia, Kit brings the local knowledge to the Mäd team. He has previously managed non-governmental organizations and retail companies, immersing himself in the local culture and gaining management expertise. He has worked and lived in Australia, China, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Always believing that there is still much to learn, he tries to instill a learning attitude in Mäd and drives his teammates to push their own boundaries. A keen linguist, he speaks five languages and is a relentless reader.

Corporate Backed.



We have the double advantage of being both a boutique agency, while simultaneously having corporate backing by Votiva, the #1 Microsoft Dynamics Partner in South East Asia.

This allows us the ability to move fast, hit hard, and have strategic reach across the South East Asia region, while giving peace of mind to our clients that we are sticking around for the long term.


If you’ve only got a hammer, you’ll treat every problem as a nail. To avoid this, we build cross-functional teams that work at the intersection of business, technology, and design to ensure that all our projects are an outstanding success


Razor sharp strategy to move your business forward.


State-of-the-art technology and software development services.


Beautiful design that encompasses breath-taking functionality.

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The Mäd Life.

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